Furrydelphia 2018
August 10-12, 2018
Welcome to Rocky's Roastery! Please review our menu below and pick the flavor that suits you best!
Furrydelphia 2018 Merchandise Breakdown
Customer Barista Pastry Chef Manager
(Basic) (Sponsor) (Super Sponsor) (Elite Sponsor)
Tier Price: $50 $90 $150 $255
Total Savings: $16 $71 $128
Weekend Pass ($50 pre-reg value) Included Included Included Included
Convention Booklet
Furrydelphia 2018 Lanyard $3
"Rocky's Roastery" Ceramic Mug $10
Convention T-Shirt (By GOH "Hyena Agenda!") $30
"Rocky's Roastery" Drawstring Bag $10
"Rocky's Roastery" Shot Glass $3
"Rocky's Roastery" Lidded Travel Mug $15
"Rocky's Roastery" T-Shirt $20
"Rocky's Roastery" French Press $15
"Rocky's Roastery" Barista Apron $20
"Rocky's Roastery" Barista Hat $10
GOH Dinner Access ($35 value) Not for Sale Ticket for 1 Ticket for 2
"Rocky's Roastery" Hooded Sweatshirt $40 Included
"Rocky's Roastery" Beanie $10
"Rocky's Roastery" Laptop Sling Bag $45
Furrydelphia 2018 Pocket USB Charger $20
"Rocky's Roastery" Mouse Pad $8
"Rocky's Roastery" Badge Reel $4
"Rocky's Roastery" Mini Mascot Plushie $15
"Roast It Up!" Tank Top $20
*NOTE: All merchandise not included with your reg level is available for purchase as add-on items during your registration! Additional stock of merchandise will be for sale during the convention at the con store at an upcharge and only while supplies last. Pre-order your merchandise to save money and guarantee you'll get it while we have it in stock! Out-of-stock merchandise will NOT be re-ordered!
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